20 Things I Learned last year (2013)

  1. Realize that good health is an investment to survive a career.
  2. Whatever happens, my family will always be the best supporters I could ever have and at also, pressure.
  3. Living under the limelight is not always about fame, it’s also about how you contribute honest and good deeds for the community.
  4. Long distance relationship is hard, damn hard.
  5. Knowing who to keep and who to trash.
  6. You are never sorry when you do it again and again.
  7. Knowing when to end what is needed to end.
  8. Waking up every morning thinking if all what I’m doing is worth it for me.
  9. You’ll get by with your friends—true friends.
  10. Save money no matter how much, it’s crucial when you finally decided to live independently.
  11. Some work industries are really not “sparkly”, they drag you down, really down and damages your self-esteem.
  12. These days, practicality comes first than passion. Trust me.
  13. Relationships drives you crazy but it is worth it when you know it’s right.
  14. People will get disappointed on your choices, but then again, it’s your choice, your life, your prerogative.
  15. Stay humble, never boast because only few people cares.
  16. Don’t ever, ever post on social media about relationship fights, it’s a scandal and annoying.
  17. Keeping in mind that you are stronger every waking day.
  18. Watch a lot of movies and books—feel good and tragic movies.
  19. Realizing how much important rest is.
  20. Keep in mind that experiences are really the best lessons in life.

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