I’ve Got Your Number by Sophie Kinsella-A Book Review by Mary Rae Floresca

I am skeptic about the rule of fate or if there is a rule about it. Sophie Kinsella’s I’ve Got Your Number sweetened the way I think about love stories because of fate and that’s why I never stop reading her books. It is my opinion that the story of I’ve Got Your Number is because of fate, who would’ve thought Poppy Wyatt will find the love of her life from crap?

The beginning of the story is a bit different because the main character is engaged, yes with a hot guy she met at work. Magnus Tavish, the fiancé of Poppy is probably the most unlikely type of guy for me, he’s too “perfect”, he’s too intelligent, and his whole family is too intelligent, like who would want to play serious scrabble all day?

I love how Sophie made a big disaster to Poppy’s dinner where she lost her emerald engagement ring and it’s no ordinary ring, it’s been passed down from generations to generations. Not only that, she also lost her phone but she managed to really get a “new” one in a hotel’s trash can.

In possession of Poppy’s phone, she was able to meet a handsome businessman named Sam Roxton. The common thing about the story is that they kind of used each other using text messaging, calls and e-mails just like how people interact these days. But it’s not all about flirting, it’s because of business and caring for one another as if it’s a matter of life and death.

Sophie’s take on this story teaches the readers about how to handle desperate situations no matter how crazy it is but it’s worth the effort. You will learn that the person you thought you knew has a weakness that you can no longer tolerate and you can never live by for the rest of your life. You realize that there will always be something common between two people, and it’s not just love, just that indescribable feeling that you just want to be together.

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