Blog name meaning (Blog challenge 2) 11-14-14; 22:33

I have two blog websites, I post in Tumblr and WordPress. For Tumblr, it is “Wicked Rae”, in WordPress, it’s Raeccooneyes.

I chose “Wicked Rae” because of my knack of reading the W.I.T.C.H. comic magazines since I was

elementary to early years in college. Back in high school I was called “Witch”, well I dig it, really,

nothing offensive for me. It’s like I’m the kind of witch in the epic TV series, Charmed. We all know

that Witches are coined with the word, “wicked” so, why not?

I coined the word “Raeccooneyes” because of my friend back in college that called me “Raccoon”.

I am fond of wearing my eyes rimmed with black eyeliner and sometimes, the black charcoal gets smudged. When the weather is so damn hot, the line wears off. I get conscious and always ask my friend if I have the raccoon eyes. Raccoon’s eyes have black fur around their eyes. So there, I just thought of mixing up the words and my favorite feature to “Raeccooneyes”. Not really fancy, but just something to identify myself with.



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