Blog Challenges

Why do you blog? (Blog Challenge 3) 11-14-14; 22:39

I had a lot of diaries and I’m not kidding. I started writing everyday on my diary when I was 9 or 10 years old. Every night before I go to sleep, as I’ve seen on TV, I write down whatever happened to me during the day. Back when I was a child, diaries with locks and keys was so popular. I remember I had one with a Barbie diary. There were some high school and college years that I skipped writing but I continued during my first year of my job.

Today, social media is obviously the best way to rant about anything and everything in our lives. I’m not the kind of person who trash talk on Facebook page, Twitter and others. I think blogging in a very decent manner is acceptable. I get to share my experiences, my thoughts, advises and hopefully the readers will learn from it.

I think Blogging, is a way to communicate with different people and not limiting myself to just the people around me. I want to show the world my articles, my book reviews, my tips and anything under the sun that will help them in their daily life, even if it’s just a book review. I want my insights to be substantial and thought-provoking.

I was a writer before, in a TV industry, broadcast journalism. But I think, creative writing best fits me than hard news. Thank you to “Blogging”.

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