What’s in my Handbag? (Blog Challenge 6) 2-12-15; 11:40

-My Belle De Jour Power Planner- This planner is so so so cute, there are a lot of sections you can write on, for your Menstrual cycle, cervical cancer injections, vacation planner, money tracker, did I tell you there are more than dozen of coupons in there. By the half of the year, I used more than 10 already. Oh for the daily notes, it needs a little bit more space but this planner helped me keep track on my duties at work.

-My white Guess wallet, a gift from my Aunt, I like wallets who have a lot of compartments for my ID’s, ATM cards, I hide some of my money it the hidden compartments and I put the others in the opening so I can remind myself how to limit my expenses.

-My Avon coin purse, gift from mom, nothing fancy I just need a coin purse that can store a lot of coins for jeepney and MRT transportation.

-My Avon Make-up kit: inside, I have my Avon oil control pressed powder in Nude, Chapstick lip balm in Cake Butter (a gift from my colleague), Avon BB cream , Avon eyebrow kit, MAC black eyeliner, Clinique blush-on, Elf golden bronzer powder, for highlighting, Skinfood brown brow liner, Etude House brow liner.

-A trusty umbrella from mums :p

-Messy Bessy Red Velvet hand Sanitizer inspired from Cupcakes by Sonja

-Baby wipes (for those icky moments when I eat something sticky and there’s no bathroom)

-Fan, because damn it’s so hot in the Metro, I wonder why I left Baguio, kidding aside.

-hairbursh, any hairbrush will do for me

-Clubmaster Ray Ban sunglasses, because again, I hate Mr. Sunshine sometimes, I have to wear the vintage sunglasses of my dad (yes my dad’s).

-Tissue, because I’m a girl, it’s hygienic thing.

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