If I win the lottery (Blog Challenge 10) 2-14-15; 10:12

Today, Money is like the only thing in the world that can give anyone the pleasure of having something, probably in any form. I would really want to have a lot of money, so If I win the lottery, that would be so much fun.

First, I would spend the money by paying all debts or anything we need to pay, i’m buying back our house that was sold. I will repair our Beetle or our Volkswagen which was passed down by our grandfather. It’s considered a vintage car, it would be totally rad to drive that around the city. I want that the car is good enough for long trips like a trip to the beach or Metro Manila or Tagaytay, anywhere  my family would enjoy for vacation.

For myself, I will by my own car, just a car where I can drive from house to work without any hassle of getting wet when it rains, or sitting beside a sweaty passenger in the jeepney or a smelly passenger in the train. Eew.

I can be donating something for charity most especially to those who were affected by natural calamities like typhoons. It’s not their fault that their houses were completely washed off; it feels good that a part of my wealth will be shared for someone who needs it the most. I think God will be happy about it.

I will save the rest, of course, all of us should learn how to save money. Emergency fund  is important. What if I meet an accident? Or a sick family member? I need to be prepared, everyone should be prepared because life is unknown, and short. Live the life to the fullest but it doesn’t mean you have to splurge every centavo.

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