My Earliest Memory (Blog Challenge 9) 2-14-15;

I can’t remember my age in this memory. Based on the old pictures that I usually browse, there are just fragments of moments that I can really remember. I think I can remember my preschool life. I am brought to school by my dad every day. I have a crush on this boy, a mestizo, he’s  eyes is small, as if smiling, he’s really cute and I always wanted to be beside him. I can also remember at those times, me and my classmates play Jack and Jill wherein we hook our legs together and hop in a circle until we finish the song.

When I was at that early age, I love to dance, I know I would always know how to dance. I can remember that we danced with the song “Don’t break my heart” that goes with “My achy breaky heart”, which was sung by Billy Cyrus, the dad of Miley Cyrus. I can remember that when I was on stage along with my classmates, I was wearing leggings, a wide shirt tied to the side. Those moments were captured, I browsed the photo album many times.

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