What I’m currently reading (Blog Challenge 8)2-14-15; 9:46


I am currently reading The Mortal Instruments book series written by Cassandra Clare. I’m a total bookworm but I am really choosy, this story really keeps me reading.  I watched a movie trailer of The first book, City of Bones, and I saw Lily Collins took the leading role as Clary Fray. I am fan of hers, I tried to watch it and then I got hooked.

I realized that it’s a book series so I downloaded the epub file for the first book. I love it, I like the idea of having someone called “Shadowhunters”, half-angel and half-human. I think it’s cool. Another one that struck me is that instead of having a wand like what witches have, they have a “stele” that can draw a symbol that can help the Shadowhunter like for healing, giving strength and others. Furthermore, I like the idea that the vampires do not glisten under the sun, they die. Yep, Edward Cullen does not exist or any glistening vampire.

The books I read really depend on the plot, not because of the author. Not because everybody’s reading it. A real bookworm reads any books without anyone telling him to.

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