My Beauty Tips (Part 1)

There are a lot of beauty hacks, and product reviews that we read online but I’ve chosen a few that I actually tried for myself and it works. Here’s a run down of how I prep myself and take good care of my skin.

Petroleum jelly for eyes

I read a beauty hack on how to have thicker and longer lashes, and that is to apply petroleum jelly. It moisturizes your eyelids and conditions your lashes. The advise is to apply it before you sleep, but I use it as an eye makeup remover, it removes the gunk on my eye and at the same time, it does the treatment. I always apply waterproof eye mascara, that is quite difficult to clean but when I use the petroleum jelly, it’s easy and my eye lashes doesn’t fall out. The contents of the petroleum jelly makes your lashes stronger as well.

Hooray for Highlighter!

Blushed cheeks is so 80’s, a nice small tint is okay but for me, I’m obsessed with contour and highlighting. I’m currently in love with Elf’s Golden Bronzer. When I’m in a rush or just a typical day at work, I just swipe of this luster on the high point of my cheeks and bridge of the nose and I’ll have that bit of glow. It’s just enough to brighten your face.


I remember my mentor told me that I should use anti-aging products when I turn mid 20’s. Dark spots and under eye circles may appear during early 30’s. I took her advise, I began using at least an anti-aging facial wash, I’m using Pond’s age miracle facial foam. It really cleans my makeup, it has small beads that removes the dirt. When I reach age 30, I will see if this thing works, I think it will.

Sunscreens and SPF

Since I like to use the Anti-aging facial wash, I also use Pond’s BB cream with SPF 30. It’s not only for anti-aging but it also protects your skin from harmful UV rays. It’s super light, I don’t use foundation, and this one adheres to the skin instantly and it’s the perfect shade for me. I use this because I fear that dark spots may appear when I get older, especially that small freckles are starting to show up.

Eye Cream

There was a time that I was teased by my roommate, “Teh, wala na bang idadagdag diyan sa eyebags mo?”. I was a little ashamed, I really sleep late, I work damn hard and I do chores at home because I live alone. I got conscious and started looking for a cheap but effective eye cream. I was targeting for Olay products but it’s still pricey. I found Quick FX Eyelift cream. It is just a small sachet and really affordable. Its ingredients help reduce dark circles and eye puffiness. Apply this before your makeup routine and before you snooze off. I’ve been using this for a month now and I’m seeing better results.

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