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Pinoy Pride Make-up Brand: Enhance Cosmetics

While the Independence Day of the Philippines just ended, maybe it’s not too late to for me to share with you a Pinoy brand I found here in Manila. Enhance cosmetics caught my attention when they were one of the sponsors of Beauty Youtuber, Michelle Dy last December 2015. From then on, I followed them on Instagram and Facebook. I didn’t get to interview the owners personally for this article, but I was able to reach them online and they opened up to me about their success. Here’s their success story:


Enhance became the brand name of the make-up line because the owners believe that cosmetics is to “enhance” one’s beauty. They focused on specializing on make-up palettes and soft bristle brushes and brush sets that targets middle class Filipinos such as beginner make-up artists and enthusiasts. The business started as a hobby, they sold their products to their friends, families and supplied to some make-up classes and schools, then after some time, they gained loyal customers all over the country. Today, Enhance now has more than 14,000 Followers on Instagram and 8,000 Followers on Facebook, this make-up line truly creates a name in beauty industry.

The locally-owned Filipino brand was started by make-up enthusiasts, Antonette Stephanie Yu and Sharlene Go. Since 2013, Enhance slowly becomes a recognized brand in the Philippines.

(left) Antonette Stephanie Yu, (right)Sharlene Go

Enhance owners prides themselves with their wide variety of cosmetics and its affordable and competitive pricing. Their products are uniquely designed for its customers. The brand also collaborates with other markets. One of the proprietors of the business, Antonette Stephanie Yu, is a freelance professional make-up artist. She was trained at John Robert Powers Philippines and also graduated in Maquillage Professional Fort (formerly known as Make Up Forever Academy). “We have also expanded in conducting make-up workshops. We also offer make-up workshops/lectures in companies for their personality development programs. We help people and give opportunity to those who are passionate, who believes in our brand and product”, Yu and Go added.

Aside from competitive prices of their products, they ensure that their customers’ orders will be delivered to them in perfect condition. Enhance helped the owners to grow as a person and they are able to earn extra just by doing what they are passionate about. “We have been receiving good and personal testimonies thru messages, posted online, blogs and in their personal pages about our products and even make- up workshops. It didn’t only help us personally but it gave us the fulfillment to achieve customer satisfaction”, Yu and Go explained.

Enhance Cosmetics is now accepting resellers from different cities in the Philippines. Theyhave now resellers from Cebu, Cavite and Pampanga. Yu and Go said, “We help people and give opportunity to those who are passionate, who believes in our brand and product. We help them earn extra income.”


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