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CÉLETEQUE DERMOSCIENCE Review Series:  Acne Solutions Acne Spot Corrector Gel

Here’s my second review on Cѐleteque’s products, their brand is known for its acne spot gel, it’s with Hydroxy Acid that effectively exfoliates dead skin cells, helps in diminishing pimples and other acne imperfections.

celeteque demoscience review, acne gel review, pimple spot treatment
My own tube of the acne gel, see how old the packaging is? I still have a few drops in there. Really squeezing it.

I bought this along with my Hydration toner from the same brand. I hate menstrual breakouts or whiteheads that become blackheads then becomes pimple, phew! Dyahe when I have a pimple at the tip of my nose when I attend events for work. And really, I personally talk to clients every day upfront, I don’t want to feel conscious so I looked for an acne spot gel.  I thought pimple spot treatments would be expensive and can only be effective if the brand is high-end, nope, this one’s only Php169. Though some stores to charge a bit more, of course.

Cѐleteque Dermoscience Acne Solutions Spot Corrector Gel (5ml)

According to the claim to fame about this from Beauty MNL, “A targeted treatment that dries up pimples overnight (80% reduction of comedones on the face on the 7th day of usage).” This is true, actually, I haven’t read their review yet but I noticed that overnight, my pimple heals.

Here are the details noted on the tube:

  • Dermatologist tested
  • Hypo-allergenic-perfect for sensitive skin!
  • Non-comedogenic

Directions: After cleansing, apply a thin layer on affected areas in the morning and at night.

Verdict: I could try other products but this one satisfied me a lot. Checkout my photo below, it is so used up, I really still try to get the most out of the product! It depends on your skin and the amount of gel you use, but for me, it lasted up to three months.

Quick tip: I observe my skin if I feel itchy on some areas that turns to red, I know when it’s itchy, it will breakout, so I quickly apply the gel. Then overnight, it won’t breakout! For breakouts that really are obvious, it won’t go away overnight but in maybe 2-3 nights, no more pimples! I also like to spot treat my blackheads or minor blemishes, it cleanses the spots that I think are trapped with dirt. What I love about this too is that it doesn’t leave any pimple marks. I was stopping myself also to scratch or touch my pimples, remember, your hands are dirty!

Please click below for my first review about Celeteque product.


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