Virgin Coconut Oil vs. Ever Bilena Make-up Remover

I’m searching for the best makeup remover, and these two are the ones that I’ve tried. Here’s my review. Ever Bilena’s known for their cosmetics, and they’re stepping up their game with their matte lipsticks and EB Advance cosmetics line. This time, I tried their makeup remove. It caught my eye because it’s really cheap.… Continue reading Virgin Coconut Oil vs. Ever Bilena Make-up Remover

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Pil’aten Blackhead Pore Strip Review

Here I go again on my obsession with skincare. Get ready because this review is a little bit “eew”! Here’s my review of this nose pore strip wonder. Blackheads. Whiteheads. Oil clogs. These are the things that I hate showing up on my face especially my nose. Being the central feature of the face, I… Continue reading Pil’aten Blackhead Pore Strip Review