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Pil’aten Blackhead Pore Strip Review

Here I go again on my obsession with skincare. Get ready because this review is a little bit “eew”! Here’s my review of this nose pore strip wonder.

Blackheads. Whiteheads. Oil clogs. These are the things that I hate showing up on my face especially my nose. Being the central feature of the face, I just hate that the icky stuff can be easily seen.

I found another “steal” online, and this is the PIL’ATEN BLACKHEAD PORE STRIP.

It’s not actually a strip of paper that other products have, that you peel it off from an acetate paper. This one is a black creamy consistency that is quite thick.

It says in the package, it has 6grams in weight and with short details on how to use it.

Instructions: After cleansing, apply it evenly onto blackheads and wait about 30minutes before tearing it off.

That’s the instruction from the sachet, here’s my own directions on how to effectively use it:

  1. Remove all excess make-up with a make-up remover.
  2. Wash your face thoroughly with soap and lukewarm water to open your pores)
  3. Apply cleanser or toner to get rid of excess make-up and dirt.
  4. Open the sachet of the pore strip, and squeeze more than a pea size of the cream unto your fingers.
  5. Apply it on your nose or areas that needs to give attention to. Apply evenly, not too thick and not too thin layer.
  6. Wait for it to dry, it can dry after 20-30 minutes
  7. Next, carefully peel it off. If you’re not used to this, you will surely feel a stinging annoying pain that it’s as if the dried cream strips off your skin.

You may just wipe off the excess with your toner.


Don’t pull it too fast because it might break the strip making it harder to peel off the. For me I really got teary-eyed, but it’s not really that painful. Also, pull the strip upwards, not side wards, I did it the wrong way here, but it still “harvested” the dirt.

You can see below my “ouch” expression peeling it off. Darn, I hate that part but as soon as I removed the strip, wow, it is just satisfying to see how much impurities were removed, “EEWWW!” Seriously, disgusting, if only I can do this every day but you can’t! Too much is not good for your skin.


Excuse this next photo, I have to show it to you so you would girls know if this was effective. Apparently, yes! Look at the small white “hairlike” things that was picked up from the strip. I know, it’s disgusting.



Verdict: This is a bit messy than the other pore strips that come in a sheet of paper however it is still effective so I don’t mind using it again and again. Plus, this is so cheap! When these are sold online, it is like Php15 each or cheaper when you buy in bulk.

BUT, wait for my next reviews on pore strips! Next up, is the iWhite Korea porestrip.


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