Virgin Coconut Oil vs. Ever Bilena Make-up Remover

I’m searching for the best makeup remover, and these two are the ones that I’ve tried. Here’s my review.

Ever Bilena’s known for their cosmetics, and they’re stepping up their game with their matte lipsticks and EB Advance cosmetics line. This time, I tried their makeup remove. It caught my eye because it’s really cheap.


2.7 fl oz/80ml

Php95.00 (SM department store-Watsons) -SM Makati

Directions of use: Shake well before use. Moisten a piece of cotton and gently wipe on the eyes until the make-up has been removed. Use separate cotton balls for the lips and the face.

This has a watery consistency, and when poured into a cotton ball, it’s a light blue liquid.


  • I think it’s effective, it does remove my makeup especially the BB cream I usually apply and eye makeup like my eyeshadow.
  • It works way better than what I use before like petroleum jelly.
  • It smells fine, nothing chemical smell, no foul smell


  • It stings my eye. Nothing severe but it is quite uncomfortable when I remove my eye makeup, especially the eye mascara, I had to press the cotton ball a few more seconds.
  • It can easily be consumed, I use makeup everyday, and with its watery consistency, like a toner, it runs out fast and that’s when I searched another makeup remover.

Virgin Coconut Oil

When I was younger, my mom used to massage coconut oil unto my hair scalp. My hair grew thicker and soft, truth be told, coconut oil does wonders. My hair growth is thicker and voluminous. Now, enough with the hair, here’s my short review with coconut oil as makeup remover.

Price: Php199

Directions of use (as makeup remover): Usually, I am more comfortable with using cotton pad or cotton ball. But I also tried using my bare clean hands to spread the oil around my face then I feel the make-up “melts” in my fingers.


  • It obviously smells like coconut and its scent is so calming, seriously. It’s like getting a facial massage when I spread the oil unto my face
  • Yes it can remove make-up especially around my eye area and the powder that was set on face.
  • It does not sting my eyes. No sting at all that’s why this is two thumbs up!


  • The coconut oil solidifies when stored in a cold temperature. Thus, this is harder for me to use. Hard to get the product from the bottle instead of pouring it. But I am being considerate, of course this is oil, it can solidify. I will still use this.
  • It cannot remove my eye mascara, or brow mascara. Well, that’s the reason why we all need to double cleanse, right?

Verdict: I’d rather use coconut oil as a makeup remover. I will keep you girls posted once I tried a different brand.

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