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March Favorites

This is the start of my monthly favorites wherein I’ll be sharing with you anything that I love mostly about the past month.



It’s “crunchy, honeycomb center, covered in milk chocolate.” Sounds familiar? Yes it is like Maltesers, only cheaper! Buy at grocery stores, it will only cost Php22.00 more or less, at convenience stores, expect it to be more expensive. Goya has been updating their products, and I think this is the best one for now!


Our all-time favorite American food- burgers! I’ve been craving it this whole month, either I go to McDonald’s or 8 Cuts Burger, or Frappe Republic, a small store near I live. My fave? 8 Cuts Burger’s signature “Piggy”, any savory food with bacon and cheese is a must for me.

Beauty Products:

Quo Cosmetics

While it’s still new, I rave about it. It is not the best cosmetics I have onhand but it is great for everyday wear and attending formal events. Here’s my review about Quo Cosmetics: Quo Cosmetics Beauty Product Review


TV Series:

Shadowhunters Season 2

Photo Credit:

Now unto my favorite TV Series this March! Nope, I’m not a Game of Thrones fan (sorry, don’t judge) but I love Shadowhunters! If you are familiar with Cassandra Clare’s novels, or the movie, The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones where Lily Colins played as Clary Fray, Netflix turned book-turned-movie into a TV Series. Well, Lily Colins didn’t agree to be part of the series but I love all the cast-better than the movie, really! Try watching this and you’ll get hooked at the “Shadow world.”

Let me know on the comments below if you want an elaborate review about the series!


Photo Credit:

Probably every 90’s kid knows where to find this town, yep and it is in the famous sketches of Archiecomics. This series is different from the comic’s comical and sunny vibe, the series made the story suspense, a little darker and disturbing, but not much. If you know CW’s Pretty Little Liars teen drama series, it’s kind of like that. Kudos to the cast of Riverdale, I’m easy to please Betty and Veronica’s physical attributes are like from the original comics, I am expecting Archie’s famous freckles though! This series are full of twists, which you’ll love if you’re the type of person who wants mysteries in a story.

Music: Does She Know by Kiana Valenciano ft. Curtismith

Pinoy Indie takes up a notch when I listened to this song first time. On Spotify, the first on Pinoy Indie’s list was this song and the next thing I know, I was searching the lyrics and playing the song again and again until I know how to sing along with it. Kiana is the next real deal for Pinoy Indie, I think.

Listen here: Does She Know by Kiana Valenciano

I want to to write this blog to share interests with readers who can relate to what I like. Perhaps you can learn something new from me but of course I would love to hear about you too! Comment below and let me know if my favorite is your favorite too!

Stay Radiant!

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