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Beauty Product Empties

This blog is about sharing the beauty products that I used up already. I want to give you advice or more tips about these products. Check out my reviews!

  1. Cѐleteque Dermoscience Hydration: Alcohol-free Toner w/ With Hazel Extract (125ml)


I made a separate blog about this product which is a good review. Two thumbs up on this product! This is my second empty bottle. This one I will definitely repurchase, I also claim that this is a slight dupe for Etude House’s Wonder Pore toner. Right now, I am testing another toner, so watch out for that! If you need more details about Celeteque’s toner, click on this link: Celeteque Toner Review.

  1. Pil’aten Blackhead Pore Strip


Another skincare product I usually ran out of is this pore strip! I lost count already on the number of sachets I already used up. I honestly stash a lot of these at home. I use this pore strip perhaps 2-3 times a week to effectively get rid of my whiteheads or blackheads. Tip: Best results when you use the pore purifying balm of iWhite Korea. Check out my in depth review here: Pil’aten pores strips review

  1. Sulwashoo Renewing Kit



This is a sampler kit that I bought from an online seller. There are 2 items in a box, I already threw out the toner, and the other small tub is an “essential firming cream.” I used up the product in just a few weeks only, I didn’t make any significant change on my face but I like how it instantly moisturizes my skin and keeps my skin supple until I wake up in the morning.

  1. Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream


Finally, the bottle is empty! This product has been my main everyday make-up base for the past months. It is not thick, perfect shade for me and makes my face dewy but not oily. I also reviewed this product already, check out my blog here: Etude House BB Cream Review

What are your recent beauty product empties? Share and comment down below! I would love to hear from you. 😊

Stay radiant!


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