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Korean Beauty Product Review: Banila Co Foxtail Mega Volume Mascara

Am I the only one who feels relaxed while applying coats of mascara on the lashes?

Anyways, here’s my review about Banila Co’s Foxtail Mega Volume Mascara.


The product is honestly pricey for me but my older sister, Charisse, insisted on buying it because of its claims. It costs Php895.00 at Landmark Makati, Manila, Philippines. I am not sure if this is cheaper at the stand-alone store of Banila Co, please let me know in the comment box below if we stashed more money on this. 😊

P_20170402_213558_HDR-01 (1)

First off, the packaging, what I love about it is the color, I like purple. The shape of the packaging? It is quite creative, but a little bit hard to grip. Aside from its very smooth packaging that it tends to be slippery, the odd shape needs more control of the product when applying it.


The mascara wand’s bristles are rubberized. I think this does not make the lashes clumpy or spidery-like. The wand is quite thick, it is a bit hard to reach the inner lashes towards my nose bridge. Nonetheless, I love how it really curls up my lashes, and not only that, it thickens and lengthens my lashes which I love. It claims to “volume up, curl up and coat up” your eyelashes. It says on the product box, “mega volume.”

Remember, to effectively use the product, start the mascara wand nearest to your eyelids and then slowly wiggling the wand from left to right and swiping it through the lashes. When you jiggle the wand while applying the product, it coats the lashes properly and you get most of the product.

The saleslady from Landmark Makati also told me and my sister that this mascara is smudge-proof, proof is told, it is smudge-proof, a bit difficult to remove also. Before buying it, I and my sister tried it first for hours. The curl, length, and volume of my lashes stayed until the end of the day. Check out my photos below, I love how the mascara opened my eyes even more aside from the help of my eyeshadow.

What are your other favorite mascaras? Please comment below, I want to try what you will suggest!

Stay Radiant!


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