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Café in Baguio Review: Coffee & Pine


It was a pleasant afternoon when I visited Coffee & Pine coffee shop with a friend of mine. As I entered, the shop, it wasn’t just a pleasant afternoon, I would perfectly describe it– whimsical.

Coffee & Pine is located along Outlook Drive in Baguio City. It was my first time to visit the place, my friend, Kyla invited me to go there. We got there easily by riding a jeepney. It wasn’t difficult to find, it is just along the road.

What I love in a coffee shop is number one, the food and coffee and most importantly, the ambiance. The interiors of the place is so beautiful. I like how the natural light subtly hits inside the shop, it makes a vibrant vibe in the place. The coffee shop has more dining tables in the second floor, right there and then, I was in awe. Though they have different chairs and tables, everything was still cohesive with the theme of the café. It looks spacious and comfortable to stay for long hours. We can also feel the cool breeze as there is also a veranda, and it is truly a pleasant view outside, pine trees! For anyone who’s not from Baguio, you will appreciate the view. For a Baguio girl like me, I still appreciate this sight. It’s not all the time you get to see pine trees flocked in one place especially in the central business district of Baguio.

Check out the photos I took at the café below:












We didn’t order much food as we were just looking for a light lunch. We ordered their salad infused with coffee, yum! It looks “muddy” but really, it tastes so good! The clubhouse and their drinks are good too. The prices are fairly-priced, especially the drinks!



Overall, I would say it was also a perfect timing when me and Kyla went there. The place wasn’t crowded, that was on a Wednesday and not a lot of people are there. The service was great, the server is genuinely polite and pleasant to talk to. I’ll definitely go back to this coffee shop!

(Left) my friend, Kyla, (Right) Me 🙂

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