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Why it’s Absolutely Okay to Workout When You’re NOT THAT FAT

Earlier this year I signed for gym membership for the first time and here’s my story.

When I was in my teenage years I was undeniably thin, my bone structure is obvious and my chin was prominent. Until college, it was a struggle for me to gain weight even though I always eat my heart out. You see, there’s a negative perception from other people when you’re slender. One, they think you have worms in your tummy. Two, people think you’re not being fed at home. Three, they think you’re anorexic or bulimic.

As I grew up, well, I knew my metabolism was getting slow. I started gaining weight, probably because the new environment I lived in, I lived in Manila for roughly four years. And when I went back home, I still looked like I gained weight. I was always known to be “patpatin.”

So, that’s just a short backgrounder about myself. I want to break down every single reason why a person should workout even when you’re NOT THAT FAT. People have judged me why I am working out when I’m NOT THAT FAT. It’s seriously not because I just want Gigi Hadid’s body or not only to impress my soulmate.

  1. I have mild Scoliosis, and working out is apparently, essential.
workout, gym-workout, why-workout, why-exercises, working-out
Photo From Pixabay

For those of you who has health issues like mine, even not Scoliosis, I learned that one should be working out. In my case, my exercises thrown to me by my coach was to strengthen my back and improve my posture. So back off to people who tell me “ano pa aalisin mo sa katawan mo??” (“What else do you have to remove from your body?”)

  1. Working out makes you focused.
Photo From Pixabay

Aside from keeping mind of the countings, you need to stay focused on doing the workout correctly. Working out sharpens the mind. This somehow helped me get through my daily tasks especially when you start the workout in the morning.

  1. It improves your sleep

    workout, gym-workout, why-workout, why-exercises, working-out
    Photo from Pixabay

I mostly experience Insomnia before I started working out. When I started going to the gym, my sleeping cycle has improved. From sleeping at 3 am, now, it’s like 11pm or 12mn. Haha! Well at least some improvement. But working out on a day helps me to put into deep sleep.

  1. Less stress

You know what they say when it’s good to workout when you’re stressed? It’s true! Trust me, I’ve tried it many times. Sometimes even just staying at home can be stressful (I cannot disclose all the stressors in my life) and working out makes me release the hate, the stress, and pressure. Sometimes, a “break” is not just coffee break, it’s a good workout.

  1. It gives you self-esteem boost

Working out not only sharpens your mind, eases the stress in life, strengthens your body, it also allows you to feel confident about yourself. Hitting the gym with an intense workout and finishing it is such an achievement. I for one hated myself for signing for gym membership for the first 2 weeks, and guess what? I overcame what I hated to do. Finishing a routine is a satisfaction for me and a relief.

  1. It improves relationships

My boyfriend pushed me to sign up for the gym membership. In the early stages of a relationship, definitely you’ll gain “happy fats.” But those happy fats will, in time, slow you down. Working out together is a fresh step on getting to know more of each other’s personality. You know what they say, learn something new to keep a stronger relationship.

I also decided to watch my weight ever since one of my clients at work thought I was pregnant! I didn’t take it too personally, but I knew, it’s time to workout. I workout by keeping in mind why I even started. We’re not getting any younger and eventually, we take care of our parents. Carrying 5-7 kilos from the market isn’t easy, I salute my dad for doing that since I was a kid. My passion in baking needs coordination, sharp mind and strength in doing all the kneading and mixing. Not keeping up with cardio will make you suffer. Now are these enough reasons why it is okay to workout when I’m NOT THAT FAT?


3 thoughts on “Why it’s Absolutely Okay to Workout When You’re NOT THAT FAT

  1. I’m trying to lose weight, so I must be active, but exercise also releases endorphins. I see people in shape exercising all the time because they say it helps their mind and sanity! I totally get that. Thanks for writing! Keep it up!

    1. Sometimes it really depends, I for one don’t really torture myself in the gym and I still eat what I want. Just balance everything, you’ll get there! 🙂 Thanks for the comment, I appreciate it.

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