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My Experience in the EMF Workshop (Emily’s Modeling Fondant) & my Baking Story

When some bakers said that the EMF is too good to be true; they will never prove the truth if they’ll never experience it. I learned about the authenticity of the fondant when I took the chance and splurged a bit to learn something new.

Just a short backgrounder in my baking life, I can remember that I started baking with my mom when I was younger. I would step on a chair so I can see what she’s been doing, and our kitchen counter is taller than me. I’ve always been a chocoholic and I love desserts so much. I like the art that goes into baking, the process and the aesthetics it requires during the finishing of the desserts. I even wanted to study at a Culinary school but I knew it was too expensive but anyway, I experienced a taste of a “baking business” when I became store coordinator at Cupcakes by Sonja in Manila. I was also able to teach kids, many times, on how to bake and decorate their cupcakes and cookies!


Anyways, back to the workshop that I recently attended. J The workshop was spearheaded by Chef Emily Peralta, which was organized by Cake Artist and Baker’s Network Ph. The workshop took place at Caloy’s Lovers in Pares, New Lucban, Baguio City. I have to be honest that I felt anxious and insecure on joining this workshop but I really need to learn something new to get better on the baking business I’m building with my friend. I entered the venue feeling nervous because I knew most of the bakers there are already successful! Nonetheless, I pushed and motivated myself that I have to do this to get better.


Chef Emily is so kind, funny, and candid! The moment she introduced herself to everyone, I was already hooked! We learned so much from her. It was my first time to attend a workshop like this. She taught us how to make flowers out of a gum paste. I had fun making those, it was challenging but it paid off, I won a cake from chef because of the flowers I made on my cake! Thanks again, chef!

In some parts of the workshop, we were allowed to take videos but during the part of the hands-on teaching for making the EMF, we weren’t allowed to. Well, you have to attend her workshop to be fair! J During the workshop, I felt the support from the CABNP members who also assisted Chef Emily. But I learned a lot from the workshop. I learned how important it is to be very gentle in handling the fondant, in making the flowers and covering the styro-cake with fondant. It takes a lot of patience and also, one has to be determined to passionately finish the project at hand.


To anyone who reads this and who’s interested in learning about fondant, you should attend Chef Emily’s workshop! Join the group on Facebook, Cake Artist, and Baker’s Network Ph, all the workshops are posted there and you will also learn from the members of the group.

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