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My Morning Skincare Products

I’ve finally had a few minutes to spare to share these with you all. I hope this article will find you helpful. These products are my current favorites for my morning skincare routine. 1.  Facial Wash; I use two morning cleansers religiously when I don’t have something new to try. I’m sharing you my favorites… Continue reading My Morning Skincare Products

Beauty Reviews · skincare

COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch Review

Move over acne pimple gels, COSRX pimple patch is here! I may be behind the hype, but this is really worth-sharing. Read  this blog for more details! Initial Details: This clinical skin care product says that the Acne Pimple Master Patch heals acne blemishes quickly while preventing future breakdown. Price: Php180-200 (BeautyMNL)  What is does:… Continue reading COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch Review

Beauty Reviews · skincare

Skin Care Review: Snail Repairing Eye Cream

Another way to take care of your eyes aside from sleeping is to apply eye cream. Here’s a quick review about snail’s slime as an eye cream! SNAIL Trivia: The snail’s slime was used in Ancient Greece, and now, Japan and Korea are creating skincare products with snail slime a.k.a. snail filtrate. It contains nutrients… Continue reading Skin Care Review: Snail Repairing Eye Cream

Beauty Reviews · skincare

iWhite Korea Skin Purifying Kit Review

Blackheads. Who loves these nasty little dots? Here’s a review of my experience on using iWhite Korea’s Skin Purifying Kit. Hint, it worked, so keep reading! The kit has two nose packs and one pore purifying balm. I bought it in Watson’s, I think it’s available also in Mercury Drugstores. It’s only Php49.00 per savers… Continue reading iWhite Korea Skin Purifying Kit Review


Virgin Coconut Oil vs. Ever Bilena Make-up Remover

I’m searching for the best makeup remover, and these two are the ones that I’ve tried. Here’s my review. Ever Bilena’s known for their cosmetics, and they’re stepping up their game with their matte lipsticks and EB Advance cosmetics line. This time, I tried their makeup remove. It caught my eye because it’s really cheap.… Continue reading Virgin Coconut Oil vs. Ever Bilena Make-up Remover

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Pil’aten Blackhead Pore Strip Review

Here I go again on my obsession with skincare. Get ready because this review is a little bit “eew”! Here’s my review of this nose pore strip wonder. Blackheads. Whiteheads. Oil clogs. These are the things that I hate showing up on my face especially my nose. Being the central feature of the face, I… Continue reading Pil’aten Blackhead Pore Strip Review