A Slice of Mine and Yours

While I was cleaning up my room, I found a small piece of art by my late grandfather Teodoro Caja. I thought, I also like make an art, not copying this but in the art of writing. This is a first after how many months-or years of just writing about beauty, makeup or travel. This one’s different, this one’s what you would not expect from someone like me. 

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Travel Blog: Mount Batulao

My first hike this year is at the rolling hills and mountains of Mount Batulao in Nasugbu, Batangas. This is my first time to try hiking outside Cordillera mountains. Here’s a short vlog about the hike, click this link: Vlog: Mount Batulao The “Jump-off” Me and my boyfriend started the travel to Mount Batulao from Lipa… Continue reading Travel Blog: Mount Batulao