Monthly Favorites

April Favorites (2017)

Hello summer!! I mean hello everyone! It’s this time of the month again wherein I’m dishing out some of my favorites for the previous month (April) that you might like to try as well! Hope you’ll like this!

  1. TV Show: Marvel’s Iron Fist

This TV series is my favorite for this month of April. Played by Finn Jones as Danny Rand. Fifteen years after being presumed dead in a plane crash, he returns to New York not only to reclaim his birthright but also to fulfill his duty as the living weapon to kill the long-destined enemy in New York. I am always at the edge of my seat while watching this. This is one of the best series you can watch on Netflix, after Daredevil, now this? My, my, I’m becoming like my boyfriend! Kidding aside, if you like a mix of action, drama, and fantasy, you will love this show as much as I do.


  1. Skincare: Origins mask

I have to admit, this mask changed the way I knew about clay masks. It really works! I tested out a sample size, the saleslady said it is only good for 3 uses but I was able to stretch it to 5 uses! On my first use, my skin became radiant, soft, brighter and lighter! I want to get rid of some of my blackheads and small pimples on my forehead, and this mask got rid of it or minimized the appearance of my pimples. Watch out for my in-depth review about this product.


  1. Restaurant: Manam

Now I understand the rave of this restaurant! Again, another excellent homegrown concept of the Moment Group of Restaurants in the Philippines. My sister Charisse tried out a few of their dishes. For two people, your budget will be more or less Php800, depends on your appetite though! Check out my photos below!


Crispy Pata (I swear it is really crispy!)



Ensilada (Php125)- yes I do remember how cheap this is!



Beef Sinigang with Watermelon (You read it right, don’t get intimidated, try it!)


  1. Summer foodie: Twirl Your Own (SM City Lipa, Batangas)

You probably haven’t heard of this; this month marks their first year! Pretty new in the ice cream industry. They have a lot of ice cream flavors with quirky names like “Meloncholic”, “Honeydew the Most”, “Matchamacallit?” and more! Like what their brand name means, the customer gets to twirl their own ice cream and get all 4 flavors available on the day (no refill though)! This summer they just released a new product-Slushie! Like 711’s Slurpee but with a twist, 2 flavors of Slushie (Blueberry/Strawberry/Root Beer) and a vanilla ice cream in between. Check this out:


Ice Cream Slushie (blueberry slush, vanilla ice cream and rootbeer slush) comes in 3 different sizes, really cheap and refreshing!



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