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Best Advice I’ve Ever Got (Blog Challenge 5) 2-12-15; 10:52

“Kill them with Sweetness”

                I work in a customer service industry, so this quote is very important to me. It makes sense. You want to kill the unruly clients in a less drastic way or should I say, undramatic way. As always, “customers are always right”, but I try my best to point out that sometimes whatever they want is not always possible. The company has a system also to be followed. My immediate supervisor told me that no matter how mean their attitude is, I should still be the bigger person to calm down and say my explanations sweetly so in return, and we hope that they have the conscience to stop nagging me. Maybe eventually the difficult clients will realize that “Oh gosh, I was so mean to her, but she was still composed.”

This does not only apply to work but also in communicating with friends, family or anyone. Even if you have the urge to blow up, try to calm down, count one to ten, think of the best words to say “no” or explain yourself without making them flare up. Everyone should learn how to compromise.

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