Away from home

I never liked to be alone when I was a younger. I remember myself always sharing the room with my big sis.  I don’t want to stay at home alone because I’m scared of ghosts, real or not real. But when I grew a little older, I forced myself to have my own room at home, and that was just a small leap I did.
Facing Failures. After a long ride as a journalist in Baguio city, I looked for a job in Manila. I didn’t have a job for two months and it was so frustrating. I moved away to get a decent job where I can still pour my heart out into writing. I tried to apply at a major publication, I passed the initial interview, then another then another, until I faced the president. But she was not convinced, I got depressed because it was between me and another girl to get in to that position. Again, I tried harder, I land in another publication but it didn’t work out well.
Living in the 20’s is quite difficult, there are a lot of competitions, and this new generation has a lot to offer than what you know. You always have to step up, don’t show your flaws, show them what you can do and don’t give up.
Job Seeking. When looking for a different job, you have to assess your other skills and passion. I love baking and I always loved pastries. I landed a sales job in one of the famous cupcakeries in Manila. I handled the cakeshop department which was so exciting. I love the perks of getting the first dibs on new products and actually making the cake decorations. I eventually learned the ins and outs of the customer service industry, it was difficult and takes a lot of patience. All your efforts should pay off but I didn’t get what I wanted there, of course we want a career that gives more (teehee :p). I did another job searching. I am also into fashion. So after just one interview, I got in to a posh, high-end men’s fashion.
Living Alone. I have room mates but being away from my family means living independently. I learned to take care of myself. I learned how to cook for myself and do my own laundry. Back at home, I depend on my super dad and mom that when I get up, heated water and breakfast is ready to start my day. I learned how to budget my own money, sometimes I still ask help from my big sis but I’m learning to save. I worry about my own bills, my rental bill comes with the utilities, and it’s fixed, now I worry with the money I consume for food. I eat a lot, my sister always says, “don’t limit the food you want to eat, just eat, don’t get hungry”. I’m acidic, that’s why, and food is a necessity.
It’s fulfilling when I know I am in control with my life choices. I feel a bit lonely at times but I always have friends and my significant other to keep me company. And I can easily dial my family’s phone number.

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